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Nancy White

Re the "fat" word. Words that have taken on interpretations that go far beyond the definition of the word. In my mind, words that get bad reputations because they have been abused to the point where their original meaning is lost. Examples: community, process, facilitator, expert.

Fat with other meanings! (Unlike fat with too many Christmas cookies!)

Jenny Ambrozek

A new word Nancy? Your comment reminded me you suggested "expert" was a "fat" word in your original Squidoo post:

You wrote:
"Some other time I need to post on that word "expert." It is a "fat word" (a la Anecdote) like "facilitator," and "process!"

Would you care to elaborate?

Nancy White

Ha, I hardly think it can be thought of as efficiency, but probably foolishness. This has been reinforced by the email I got from Squidoo this morning and which I blogged about here: http://www.fullcirc.com/weblog/2005/12/dear-squidfolk-my-experiences-with.htm

When I think about this in terms of your angle on this (everyone is an expert) I am still a bit uncomfortable with the term expert, and the expectations around that term. I think we need a new word! :-)

seth godin

Thanks for the insights, Jenny.

Actually, as of Monday, lensmasters will be able to give away (or sell) their lenses to other lensmasters.

eBay, here we come.

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